The Salvage Shop    by Jim Nolan

Featured in the 2010 Festival


Sylvester (Sylvie) Tansey, owner of The Salvage Shop, is a strict taskmaster who demands loyalty from family, friends and the small band he conducts in the seaside town of Garis.

In his twilight years, the opera buff and aging maestro is left with his unfulfilled dreams, and on the bitter memory of his band failing to win an important state-wide musical competition. Now a rebellion is brewing in the band. Time has come for the maestro to pass on his baton. But Sylvie has a long memory and the sting of betrayal still smarts after all these years.

As atonement for an earlier hurt inflicted on his opera-loving father, his son Eddie plans a grand gesture. Both wish for reconciliation, but in the bitter atmosphere of the salvage shop, the rebuilding of furniture is easier than that of relationships.