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Mobile Phones


To download the 2013 Schedule to your iPhone visit the following link in the iPhone web browser:


Add the 2013 Schedule to your Google calendar by clicking on the following link:
Add to your own Google Calendar

Then go to the Calendar in Android. Press the Menu button, More and then My Calendars. If you see “Claremorris Drama Festival Schedule” in the list of calendars then tick the check box beside it. Otherwise press the menu button again, choose add calendars and add “Claremorris Drama Festival Schedule”.


If your phone supports the iCal standard then click on the link in your phones web browser: At present Nokia phones don’t support this.

If your phone doesn’t support iCal then you could use Google Sync for Mobile to synchronise a google account to your phone and then add the calendar to your google account using the instructions below.

Calendar Software

Google Calendar

Add to your own Google Calendar

View in Google Calendar


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